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Ideal for the treatment of the external surfaces of the car

SKU: A0433
  • Introducing the ultimate auto detailing brush with vibrant red PBT bristles, specially designed to tackle various cleaning tasks on car exteriors. This versatile brush is ideal for meticulously cleaning emblems, grilles, alloy wheels, plastics, engine compartments, leather and Alcantara® steering wheels, seat stitching, and leather inserts.


    The filaments of this car detailing brush feature a unique three-lobed circular section, created from a carefully blended mixture of PET and PBT materials. Through a chemical process rather than mechanical means, the filaments are tapered at the top. This innovative design provides a rigid PET base for added durability, while the PBT top offers exceptional flexibility and a soft touch, ensuring precise and comfortable usage. The varying stiffness of the two materials makes the brush filament highly effective against stubborn and deeply ingrained dirt.


    Upgrade your car cleaning arsenal with this exceptional brush, crafted to deliver unmatched performance and ease of use for all your detailing needs.

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